Shop Update!

Shop Update!

TLDR; Lunar will transition to OKGAR, new shop coming soon, Mark is out on tour, Grant will be taking over all repairs through the end of the year. Thanks for your patience with us and support! 

Wow, what a kickoff to the summer of '22. I wanted to drop in and give everyone a quick update of what's going on with Lunar Music Supply, Oklahoma Guitar and Amp Repair (OKGAR), and me, Mark! 

At the beginning of June, our lease ended at the our location in Moore for Lunar Music. With the end of the lease we made the decision to discontinue our sales side of the shop and go all-in on guitar and amp repairs. This decision was based on the volume of repairs we've been seeing over the past 2 1/2 years and we want to be able to serve you better in that department! We will still be able to offer strings, picks, cables and accessories (some really cool stuff!), but the larger items like guitars, amps, and drums, we've decided to leave those to other shops in the metro. 

Which brings us to now! We are officially Oklahoma Guitar and Amp Repair now! We are (just about) ready to bring you the most comprehensive repairs in the OKC metro area and streamline the processes as well! I say "just about" becuase as we've been moving our shop over, we've had to setup a whole new way of approaching repairs and minimal retail all in a new shop. And we've got a lot of a lot big workbenches.. yikes.. 

We've started to offer online appointment scheduling for our services as well as a complete merchandise line designed by one of our favorite local artists, Cash Wheeler, and printing at the amazing Studio Chroma! With that much talent going into shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise, you're in for a treat! Feel free to poke around the website and check out these great items and book your appointment for your gear to get serviced! 

And lastly, me! Some of you may know, and if you've scrolled through our FAQ, you've seen that as well as running the shop and leading the way on all repairs, I also tour as a guitar tech! This year, I have taken on the task of maintaining and teching guitars for the band, Hanson. That's MmmRight, THAT Hanson. They have released a new album and we have begun the world tour that will see over 90 cities in 5 months. We are currently making our way through Europe and will be seeing everything from Helsinki, Finland to Glasgow, UK. Nearly immediately after we return from Europe, we'll be visiting cities all over N. America, followed by S. America, and finishing off the run going down under to Australia.

If you're thinking, "Wow! That's a lot of time out of the shop. How will you have time to work on my guitar?" Well, that's the thing. I wont. HOWEVER, over the past year I've been training up my first apprentice, Grant Miller, and let me tell ya, he keeps the shop in order when my brain is going from guitar to guitar and gig to gig. Grant will be able to able to offer comprehensive services including setups, fret leveling/crowning/polishing, electronics installations, hand carved bone nuts and saddles, and other various troubleshooting. These will all be available for scheduling! I completely trust this guy to run my shop and take care of your gear while I'm gone. Shoot him an email and pick his brain if you're wanting to know if it's something he'll be able to do for you! 

All of this is to say, thank you so much for your support over the past 5 years and continued support as we make this transition. We will be taking limited appointments while we get our bearings straight at the new location and look forward to gettin your gear on our benches! I'll be seeing you all later this year, but feel free to follow along with my journey on Instagram, @mquenzer. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

-Mark Quenzer 

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