The Road to Repairs...

The journey to guitar repair has not been a direct path for Mark Quenzer. Starting his musical career as a drummer and expanding in to audio production, this appeared to be the final destination. However, with the launch of his retail music store, Lunar Music Supply, the need for understanding guitar care, maintenance, and repair seemed to be inevitable. Refusing to sacrifice quality of craftsmanship, Quenzer left Oklahoma and began his studies with John LeVan of Guitar Services Workshop in Nashville, TN in February, 2017.

What started as way to ensure all guitars were properly setup in his store, quickly turned into a passion and unrealized potential for making guitarists fall in love with their instruments again. After nearly 2 years of setups and fret work, Mark wanted to offer even more options for repair and even acoustic guitar restoration. With this determination, he left Oklahoma once again to spend another month in Nashville learning Advanced Guitar Repair and Restoration from LeVan for a cumulative 185 hours of in-depth guitar repair.

In August of 2021, Mark set out to Chicago to study the "dark arts" of tube amplifier building and repair under legendary amplifier technician, Kye Kennedy. While in Chicago, Mark built the iconic Fender 5E3 Deluxe circuit, and got in depth training on schematics, diagnosis, and everything involving tube amp repair. 

Starting in 2022, what once was Lunar Music Supply will now be known as Oklahoma Guitar and Amp Repair or OKGAR for short. OKGAR is a place for all musicians and creatives. A place where gear problems are solved at the hands of our experienced technician, a place where your loved instrument with many stories to tell can be revived once again. As well as a repair shop, OKGAR is a lifestyle brand designed by OKC great, Cash Wheeler for anyone to wear, support, and be a part of. 

If you have read this far, thank you! Thanks for hanging in there with Mark and supporting an individual who is passionate about a community and fixing the tools that help create art of many styles. Expect to see more clothing and accessory drops. OKGAR is here for you!